Charles Moss

Freelance Writer
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I'm a freelance writer specializing in pop culture. I've written for The Atlantic, Slate, Washington Post, VICE, Paste Magazine and Tablet Magazine. This lovely background photo is courtesy, by the way, of Amy Fletcher Photography.


Charles Moss

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Charles prefers to go by Charlie and sometimes Chuck, but not often.

He has experience writing about all facets of pop culture, from comic books and music to literature and movies. Charlie started off in the pop culture journalism field in 2007 as a writer for the Chattanooga-based alternative newsweekly The Pulse, writing album reviews and pieces on local music history. He then became a regular contributor to the pop culture site Popmatters, writing features on music and movies, eventually moving into a staff position as a comic book reviewer until 2011. He went on to become the weekly pop culture columnist for Chattanooga-based news site, and has since spread his pop culture wings, writing for The Atlantic, Paste, Tablet, The Washington Post, Slate, and more.